High accuracy 1200 Tons 4 column hydraulic press machine

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1200T 4 column hydraulic press machine has high quality and high cost performance. The hydraulic press machine can be specially designed according to the actual product needs of customers to ensure that it will not deform under high-strength pressure. The column of the hydraulic press machine is made of high-quality solid steel, which is processed to ensure that the surface hardness and strength of the column are high, and no deformation occurs. The hydraulic press machine is equipped with imported numerical control operating system to ensure the high precision of the extruded workpiece and meet various production needs.

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1200T four-column hydraulic press machine adopts three-beam four-column structure design, simple structure and strong practicability. It adopts a separate electrical control system, selects PLC programming control, and can be configured with a touch screen to achieve manual and automatic control, with high efficiency. It can also be equipped with a light curtain protection device to ensure safe operation and improve production efficiency. The four-column hydraulic press machine can adjust the electrical control system, adjust the working pressure and stroke of the slider according to the needs of the workpiece, and the operation is simple.4 column hydraulic press machine equipped with imported siemens motor, servo motor,servo pump,schneider electric components,etc, to ensure machine working in high efficiency.


1 The frame is welded with integral steel plate, with high strength
2 The hydraulic control adopts the integrated system of the cartridge valve, the stability of the hydraulic system
3 The electrical part adopts PLC control, servo system, high degree of automation and simple operation
4 Program control and computer automatic control
5 Pressure, stroke, holding pressure, etc. can be adjusted according to the requirements of the manufacturing process
6 The four columns of the hydraulic press are made of high-strength materials, with good wear resistance and high precision


Hydraulic press machine are widely used, suitable for stretching, bending, flanging, forming, stamping and other processes of metal materials, and can also be used for punching, blanking processing, and are widely used in automobiles, aviation, ships, pressure vessels, chemicals, shafts Pressing process of parts and profiles, sanitary ware industry, hardware daily necessities industry, stainless steel product stamping and other industries.



Condition: new Normal force(KN): 1200
Machine type: hydraulic press machine Voltage:220V/380V/400V/600V
Power source: hydraulic Key selling points:high effciency
Brand name: Macro Color: customer choose
Motor power(KW):37 Kye word: steel door hydraulic press
Weight(Ton):20 Function: sheet metal embossing
Warranty: 1 year System:servo/normal optional
Applicable industries:hotels, building meterial shops,machinery repair shops,construction works,building industry,decoration industry After warranty service: online support,video technical support,field maintenance and repair service
Place of origin: jiangsu, china Usage: press steel door, steel plate
Certification: CE and ISO Electrical component: Schneider



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