Top quality W11SCNC-10X2500mm CNC four roller hydraulic rolling machine

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The upper roller of the hydraulic four-roller hydraulic rolling machine can be vertically lifted and hydraulically driven, which is obtained by the action of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder on the piston rod; the lower roller is driven by rotation and meshed with the output gear of the reducer to provide power for rolling the plate. There are idlers at the lower part of the lower roller, which can be adjusted. The hydraulic four-roll plate rolling machine can roll metal sheets into circular, arc and conical workpieces within a certain range.The moving modes of the hydraulic four-roller rolling machine are mechanical and hydraulic, and the drive shafts are connected by universal couplings.

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The CNC four-roller hydraulic bending machine is equipped with a programmable Siemens CNC system, which can store the automatic rolling/ bending data of hundreds of different workpieces, realize one-key calling, one-key start, simple operation and high precision. The CNC four-roll plate rolling machine not only satisfies the automatic plate rolling process of circle, but also meets the automatic plate rolling process of various arc, square, triangle, oblate, ellipse and other workpieces, and the workpiece processing precision is high. Imported hydraulic system and electric control system are adopted, and the control circuit is controlled by PLC programmable controller to ensure smooth operation of the plate rolling machine, convenient operation and long service life.


1.The whole frame is welded sturdy and durable, and the accumulator is used for a stable return
2.Adopt imported siemens motor and sunny oil pump from USA
3.Hydraulic system adopt germany Bosch – Rexroth,working stability
4.imported schneider electric components from france
5.with programmable logic controller PLC
6.Material of work roller with 42CrMo Alloy steel, roll plates with high efficiency


The rolling machine has a wide range of applications, and can be used in the fields of machinery manufacturing such as Aviation, ships, boilers, hydropower, chemicals, pressure vessels, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, metal processing and other industries.


Material/Metal processed:Aluminum,carbon steel,sheet metal,rion plate,stainless steel Max working length(mm):2500
Max plate thickness(mm):10 Condition:new
Place of origin: jiangsu,china Brand name:Macro
Automatic: automatic Warranty: 1 year
Certification: CE and ISO Product name:4 roller rolling machine
Machine type: roller-bending machine Max rolling thickness(mm):10
After sale service:online support,video technical support,field maintenance and repair service Voltage:220V/380V/400V/600V
Plate yield limit:245Mpa Controller: siemens controller
PLC:Japan or other brand Power: mechanical



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