W11SCNC-8X3200mm CNC four roller hydraulic rolling machine

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The hydraulic rolling machine has a compact and reasonable structure and is easy to operate. The metal plate passes through the three work rolls of the plate rolling machine, with the help of the lower pressure of the upper roll and the rotational movement of the lower roll, the metal plate is continuously bent in multiple passes, resulting in permanent plastic deformation, and rolled into cylinders, arcs, cones Tubes and other workpieces, with high machining accuracy and high work efficiency. The hydraulic rolling machine adopts an advanced integrated hydraulic system to ensure the high reliability of the plate bending machine hydraulic rolling machine in operation.

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3-roller hydraulic rolling machine is a machine tool that continuously bends/rolls metal plates. The upper roller is in a symmetrical position in the center of the two lower rollers. The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acts on the piston to make vertical lifting motion, and the final gear of the main reducer drives the two rollers. The gears of the lower roller are engaged in a rotating motion to provide power and torque for the hydraulic plate rolling machine to roll metal plates, thereby rolling out various cylinders, cones and other high-precision workpieces.


1. Hydraulic upper transmission type, stable and reliable
2. It can be equipped with a special PLC numerical control system for the plate rolling machine
3. Adopting all-steel welded structure, the rolling machine has high strength and good rigidity
4. The rolling support device can reduce the friction and ensure the high precision of the processed workpiece
5. The rolling machine can adjust the stroke, and the blade gap adjustment is convenient
6. roll plates with high efficiency,easy operate,long life


The rolling machine has a wide range of applications, and can be used in the fields of machinery manufacturing such as Aviation, ships, boilers, hydropower, chemicals, pressure vessels, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, metal processing and other industries.


Material/Metal processed:Aluminum,carbon steel,sheet metal,rion plate,stainless steel Max working length(mm):3200
Max plate thickness(mm): 8 Condition:new
Place of origin: jiangsu,china Brand name:Macro
Automatic: automatic Warranty: 1 year
Certification: CE and ISO Product name:4 roller rolling machine
Machine type: roller-bending machine Max rolling thickness(mm): 8
After sale service:online support,video technical support,field maintenance and repair service Voltage:220V/380V/400V/600V
Plate yield limit:245Mpa Controller: siemens controller
PLC:Japan or other brand Power: mechanical



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