High efficient 160Tons four column hydraulic press machine

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The hydraulic press machine uses a special hydraulic oil as the working medium, a hydraulic pump as a power source, and the hydraulic force through the hydraulic pipeline to the cylinder / piston through the hydraulic force of the pump, and then there are several sets of matching seals in the cylinder / piston The seals at different positions are different, but they all act as seals so that the hydraulic oil cannot leak. Finally, the one-way valve is used to circulate the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank to make the cylinder / piston circulate to perform work to complete a certain mechanical action as a kind of productivity.

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The hydraulic press machine consists of two parts: the main engine and the control mechanism. The main part of the hydraulic press machine includes the fuselage, the main cylinder, the ejector cylinder and the liquid filling device. The power mechanism consists of a fuel tank, a high-pressure pump, a low-pressure control system, an electric motor, and various pressure valves and directional valves. Under the control of the electrical device, the power mechanism realizes the conversion, adjustment and delivery of energy through pumps, oil cylinders and various hydraulic valves, and completes the cycle of various technological actions. It is widely used in the processing of spare parts in the automotive industry and the shaping, edge punching, correction of various products in various industries, and the pressing, embossing and forming of shoe-making, handbags, rubber, molds, shafts, and bushings. Bending, embossing, sleeve stretching and other processes, washing machines, electric motors, automobile motors, air-conditioning motors, micro motors, servo motors, wheel manufacturing, shock absorbers, motorcycles and machinery industries.


1 Through the principle of hydraulic transmission, the structure is simple, suitable for pressing large workpieces or long and tall workpieces
It is suitable for various processes such as deep drawing, bending, flanging, extrusion, correction and press fitting of parts.
2 Simple structure, reliable performance, economical and practical.
3 kinds of work specifications and forming process options.
4. Select international brand sealing, hydraulic and electrical components to ensure high reliability of products.
5. Optional devices such as quick die change, punching buffer, hydraulic punching, photoelectric protection and so on.
6.All hydraulic press machine satisfy ISO/CE high standard, are equipped with best configurations, press metal sheet stainless steel plate with high precision,high efficiency
7.All-steel welded structure with sufficient strength and rigidity and high precision
8.Simple daily maintenance and maintenance, can press products of different shapes


Hydraulic press machine are widely used, suitable for stretching, bending, flanging, forming, stamping and other processes of metal materials, and can also be used for punching, blanking processing, and are widely used in automobiles, aviation, ships, pressure vessels, chemicals, shafts Pressing process of parts and profiles, sanitary ware industry, hardware daily necessities industry, stainless steel product stamping and other industries.



Condition: new Normal force(KN): 160
Machine type: hydraulic press machine Voltage:220V/380V/400V/600V
Power source: hydraulic Key selling points:high effciency
Brand name: Macro Color: customer choose
Motor power(KW):11 Kye word: steel door hydraulic press
Weight(Ton):10 Function: sheet metal embossing
Warranty: 1 year System:servo/normal optional
Applicable industries:hotels, building meterial shops,machinery repair shops,construction works,building industry,decoration industry After warranty service: online support,video technical support,field maintenance and repair service
Place of origin: jiangsu, china Usage: press steel door, steel plate
Certification: CE and ISO Electrical component: Schneider



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