What Difference Between CNC Press Brake and NC Press Brake ?

1. What is CNC Press Brake machine?


The CNC press brake machine is a modern metal processing equipment controlled by a computer program. Its main function is to bend metal sheets. It controls the operating system by manipulating programming software to accurately control the motion trajectory and speed of the press brake machine cylinder, thereby achieving high-precision, high-efficiency, and highly automated production.


2. The difference between CNC press brake machine and NC press brake machine

Compared with traditional manual or semi-automatic press brake machines, CNC press brake machines have following advantages:

High precision: Due to it is controlled by a computer program, the press brake angle and size can achieve very high precision;

High degree of automation: only the correct program needs to be entered to achieve automated production, without manual intervention;

High production efficiency: Compared with other methods of bending production, CNC press brake machines can quickly perform a large amount of production work.

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Post time: Jul-09-2024